• Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

It’s way too small for Denise

Well, little fucktard, look at yourself … and then look at me! Good thing I brought my meter stick … your dick is really small … maybe 8cm when it’s hard, but hardly 3cm when it’s not. Really bad luck for you … it should be 20cm, better 25cm, in my opinion. I don’t need to take any smaller than that! Just look at it, 8cm isn’t even half of that – even 2 of these wouldn’t fit it … and I’m not even talking diameter!

Eat Jessica’s used handkerchief!

Jessica doesn’t feel good – she is ill! She takes a handkerchief and wipes the nose. Lot of snot is inside the handkerchief now… when she suddenly realizes that you are watching her! Jessica wants that you to come a little bit closer… and that you open your mouth wide… She puts her used handkerchief right inside your mouth! Eat this!

Your dick is too small

The hot girls Demy and Kathi show you what you’re missing – because your dick is too small. They’re so horny they start making out with each other right in front of you. The only thing they’re missing is a real man – but you can’t do this job with such a small dick. That’s why they prefer each other over you. You’re just allowed to watch and imagine how hot it would be to touch their hot asses and have some fun with them. Taking part isn’t allowed for you – forbidden for tiny dicks!

Inhale the smell of my shoes, asshole

Today Svenja has a special task for this loser. She takes off her shoes, wanting the loser to take a sniff at them. But it’s not only sniffing her shoes she wants from him. She is pressing his head down into the shoe so that he has to inhale the odor. And while he inhales the strong smell she slaps his face again and again, and hard. She wants to hear him smelling her shoes and every slap makes the loser inhale the aroma more intensely.

Mia makes lot of fun of your tiny, small dick!

Did your parents knew right from your *hildbirth that you are a boy…? Or did it take some time to investigate this unusual case…? I’m sure it took it’s time! With such a tiny dick it should be impossible to fuck a true woman!? Something similar pathetic like this is hard to find! But Mia likes to make fun of your tiny wiener again and again and won’t waste any time and tells you the whole story one more time…

Look at Denise’s tasty ass!

Well, bastard, I bet you like that, don’t you? Look at my butt … that’s what you’re into, right? That’s what you love! Take a close look, loser! Come on, take your time, enjoy it! And don’t look anywhere else, loser, I’m watching you closely! Memorize it and when you go to bed tonight don’t think of anything else!

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