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Lick My Pussy And Open Your Ass

I guess you remember David Kahba? There you are! The simple mention of this Arabic word makes you wanna cum before you even got hard and it brings back some pleasant memories… that little slut – who likes to cough up – being baptized with piss by the two sublime Gaelle and Ines, is a box-office hit since the success of JOURNEY TO THE END OF THE HUMILIATION. This bitch is not only a talented cocksucker; he is also a good pussy licker. By chance, Young Goddess Club invited the famous GODDESS ANNOGA who doesn’t dislike getting her pussy tongue-fucked, go down on me you moron! Sadly, David is better at giving blowjobs than pleasure to his Mistress, and therefore he is getting some well-deserved slaps. But all that is nothing compared to GODDESS’S RACHEL 10 inch strap-on dildo: once again, that name rings a bell: Metis divinity with a perfect body shape, a furious domina; those who have been dominated by Her still remember… While ANNOGA gives David a taste of her 5.5, putting it down his throat – the most fetishists of you are going to vibrate of joy – Rachel is lubricating her dildo with one hand and caressing her friend’s tattooed breast. There’s nothing more beautiful to look at than two wonderful Girls, French kissing, while their slave is sucking the dildo that’s about to destroy his anus. Enjoy, my obscene little fellows!

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