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This girl has something to play with

This girl has something to play with   mistress latex bizarre
This bizarre creature doesn’t look like a dog but it sure behaves like one. It’s a slavish Latex Animal that will obey his mistress’s every command. When she frees him from his cage he has to show some tricks, and when she feels like it she allows him to fuck her. Then it’s her turn to behave und scream like an animal…

Nick gets a spanking

Nick gets a spanking   spanking spank

Nick came over to the house and he wanted to take me out to dinner, but I told him that I had to bend him over my knee first and spank him silly like a little baby. His behind hurt so much at dinner he was complaining like a fucking baby all night. He wanted desert but I told him to fuck off and take me home so I could spank him some more.

BDSM cinderella in the kitchen

BDSM cinderella in the kitchen   whipping training slave mistresses hardcore bondage BDSM This modern day Cinderella is waiting for her ball invitation, but it simply isn’t coming, she’s being used and mistreated by Princess Bridgette and Princess Chanel. She can’t lift a finger to fight them back. First of all, it’s two versus one, and second, she is secretly starting to like being bossed around and treated like a lowest slave, her mistresses know all kinds of BDSM secrets, from hardcore bondage to ass whipping, and Cinderella has been put through most of them during her training as a kitchen helper. Now she’s eager to please and doesn’t think about resisting at all, her suit revealing all of her sensitive spots while she works in the kitchen and her mistresses give her a foot to lick or suck on from time to time, just to keep her properly motivated, after all, if she cleans the floors properly the feet she has to lick and suck on will not taste as bad.

This Femdom scene contains:

  • femdom cinderella
  • Strapon Submission