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Strict mistress Luciana

This little dirty pig knows exactly why he’s here today. He’s now getting the punishment that he was promised last time. His head’s in the toilet while he’s getting whipped by mistress Luciana. As he doesn’t keep his head down on his own, she just sits down on top of it and continues to spank his bare back from the new position!

You don’t need air when you got this kind of ass

You dont need air when you got this kind of ass   femdom fetish bossy beauty ballbusting Breathing is overrated, you know, especially when instead of air you can get a full on point of view angle of an amazing ass like this. Goddess No has an amazing body and a femdom fetish spends her day leisurely working on her tasks, answering the phone and watching TV, but if you look carefully you’ll see that something is slightly off. The thing that is off is the fact that she doesn’t sit on the sofa but on her boyfriend’s face, cutting off his supply of air, not completely, but enough to make him a bit dizzy and weak, susceptible to anything she says. If she orders him to strip down and offer up his balls for some ballbusting action, he will do so, if she tells him to get on his hands and knees so she can mistreat his ass, he will do so as well, there isn’t a thing he would deny to his bossy beauty of a girlfriend. He’s being used as a chair and mistreated as a man and he’s loving every moment of it, after all, there are very few turn ons as powerful as someone having complete control over you.

  • Mistress Tangent