• Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

Your mistress is here

Your mistress is here   slave mistress
Be a good boy now and come closer! Your mistress, Kathia is here, and she wants to be pleased. So get down on your knees and be ready to do anything she wants! You don’t want to be punished, right? You want your Mistress to be content and happy! You wanna touch those tits, you want to please that pussy! So be a good slave and submit to your Mistress!

Security Failure

Security Failure   pussy licking punishment mistress

Ms. Green, the headmaster of the institution takes her job very seriously, but apparently the same professionalism doesn’t rub off to the staff, like the security guy Frank. Ms. Green has no other choice but to take control into her own slender hands and punish Frank in her very own way.

Who needs air when you got this kind of ass

Breathing is overrated, you know, especially when instead of air you can get a full on point of view angle of an amazing ass like this. Goddess No has an amazing body and a femdom fetish spends her day leisurely working on her tasks, answering the phone and watching TV, but if you look carefully you’ll see that something is slightly off. The thing that is off is the fact that she doesn’t sit on the sofa but on her boyfriend’s face, cutting off his supply of air, not completely, but enough to make him a bit dizzy and weak, susceptible to anything she says. If she orders him to strip down and offer up his balls for some ballbusting action, he will do so, if she tells him to get on his hands and knees so she can mistreat his ass, he will do so as well, there isn’t a thing he would deny to his bossy beauty of a girlfriend. He’s being used as a chair and mistreated as a man and he’s loving every moment of it, after all, there are very few turn ons as powerful as someone having complete control over you.

Who needs air when you got this kind of ass   femdom fetish bossy beauty ballbusting Who needs air when you got this kind of ass   femdom fetish bossy beauty ballbusting Who needs air when you got this kind of ass   femdom fetish bossy beauty ballbusting Who needs air when you got this kind of ass   femdom fetish bossy beauty ballbusting

Face Time 2

Face Time 2   young mistress pussy licking mistress butt plug ass licking
Young and horny, Mistress Svetlana spends ten minutes on the slave’s face. She spreads Her pussy out wide and has him lick the clit hard then turns and has Her brown hole serviced. Splayed out over his face he sucks and licks Her until his jaw gets sore. She thoroughly enjoys the attention Her cunt and asshole receive. Mistress Svetlana grabs the vibrator and finishes Herself off on the slave’s face. She orders him over the horse and begins to beat his ass with a leather strap. She beats his ass for a bit and then orders him to sit and tilt his head back and applies Her asshole to his tongue. She wants to have the taste of Her ass fresh in his mouth during the beating. She beats him a bit more with the leather strap and switches to a hard slapper which starts to raise red welts. Down to the floor he goes and Mistress Svetlana puts Her asshole over his mouth and orders him to tongue and rim it. Back over the horse he is then beaten with the hard wooden paddle. He takes a ton of beating and then She moves to put the big black vibrating butt plug in his ass and turns it on. She resumes beating his ass with the cane as the vibrating plug is jammed up his ass. She canes him hard for a few minutes and then orders him to stand. She strokes his cock hard and then teases him a bit as She moves the black plate into position. She tells him She wants a big load and milks out his balls onto the plate. She jerks out a huge load and keeps pulling on his cock long after the last drop is out just to ruin any pleasure he has gotten. She orders him to sit and tips the contents of the plate down his throat.

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Breathe Deep

Breathe Deep   squirts slave mistress humiliation domination dildo fucking
Mistress Sidney joins Mistress Missy for 65 minutes of male domination. Slave marco takes a warm up beating and then is laid out to suffer under their high heels as the whips and leather fly as they stomp on him. He is hog tied and their sharp heels cut into him. Mistress Sidney uses a vibrator and squirts into a clear bowl while urging Her partner to kick him. He is humiliated with Her squirt then he is moved over the couch and spanked soundly. Mistress Sidney fucks him deep in his ass and Mistress Missy scratches and gouges his back flesh with Her high heeled shoe. Mistress Missy leans in and fucks marco as Mistress Sidney lights up a cigarette and removes Her top. The slave had legs over his head and Mistress Missy was taking great satisfaction in stomping a gigantic dildo into his ass.

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Purple Pain

Purple Pain   spitting smoking slave sadistic mistress flogging dominatrix boot worship bondage
A 49 minute display of sadistic Mistress Xena at play with slave max. Marvel as this world renowned Dominatrix demonstrates Her skills at degradation. Smoking, spitting, bondage, flogging and boot worship are in store for Her devotee. Purple spike heeled boots and a black leather outfit suit Mistress Xena perfectly as She takes complete control and brings another unruly male up and down in her own exhilarating fashion.

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • spit dom
  • Mistress Tangent