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Good slaves need to smell

Lisa wants her sniffing slave to smells everything from her. Especially her sweaty shoes. They have a very special flavour which the slave has to enjoy. So she presses her shoes against his nose, while her feet with the stinky socks get pressed hard on his mouth. Now he has to sniff and smell. That’s what dominant Lisa likes!

Training to be a toilet slave

So you really want to become my toilet slave? Did you give that enough thought? You know, once you cross this line, there’s no going back. Only my best slaves will have the honor of serving me that close – so you better work hard to satisfy me. In the beginning you’ll use your tongue to clean my toilet and later the real toilet slavery starts. I won’t need a normal toilet any more then as you’ll be used as my toilet then – for everything!

Two girls have fun with a cucumber

Two girls have fun with a cucumber   spanking slave girl pleasure mistress masturbation lesbian femdom humiliate hardcore BDSM Lesbian femdom is so much fun because the girls know exactly what to do to thoroughly humiliate other girls. Take for instance Goddess No and Princess Mya. They’ve been living together for a month now and their poor roommate has been trained to be completely obedient, she doesn’t flinch even when her cute brunette mistress whips out an icy cold cucumber and orders her to lift her ass high up in the air. She didn’t really think that the vegetable will end up down her pussy, but her mistress is a cruel one and she shoved it all the way in, producing a squeal that will produce an instant hard-on if you are into BDSM action. High quality videos show just what kind of poses is this obedient slave girl obligated to take while her mistress is having fun, they range from reverse cowgirl cucumber ride to a hardcore masturbation with spicy hot spanking that leaves ass of the poor girl all red and her pussy throbbing with pleasure.

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