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Mean Bitch

Mean Bitch   young trample slave sadistic punishment Mistress Missy foot domination Mistress Missy stars in an 84 minute session with slave michael. She is young, sadistic and beautiful and delights in tormenting Her caged male. His cock is attached to the cage with the humbler and She ties it up in Her panties and teases and torments it with a Flesh Light and a crop. She puts him next under Her beautiful size 5.5 feet for foot domination and trample before corporeal punishment begins. She uses the cane, leather strap, wooden paddle and a nasty quirt to redden his big ass. She moves him beneath Her pussy and orders him to jerk himself off for Her amusement to end this sexually charged and demanding session.

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Schoolgirl Domination

Schoolgirl Domination   trampling trampled spit slave slapped schoolgirl painful orgasm Mistress Elizabeth dungeon domination
A 23-minute leg lovers dream as Mistress Elizabeth shows off Her legs and spiked heels in a painful way to slave bull. 6’2” of sexy energy is unleashed on the big dicked slave as he is stomped, kicked, spat in and cock massaged by the tall, long legged Mistress Elizabeth. Mistress Elizabeth called for slave bull. He crawled in and She took his leash and immediately ordered him to worship Her spiked heels. Below impossibly long legs he did as he was told. She began trampling his cock after ordering him on his back. Above him in the swing, She wiped the precum off his cock and fed it to him off the bottom of Her shoe. She dangled Her shoe over his face and then made him suck the heel like a cock. Using Her bare foot, Mistress Elizabeth fed slave bull precum. After Her toes were sucked clean She squatted over his face and slapped his huge nuts over and over with Her high heel. The gum-popping schoolgirl Domme turned and drooled spit down into the wide-open mouth of Her supplicant. She then stepped up on his chest and trampled him. With the spreader bar separating his legs, slave bull can do nothing as Mistress Elizabeth kicks him repeatedly in the balls with Her bare foot. She stands over him and gives him an upskirty shot and then kicks him some more. She lashes him upright to the pillar, puts a condom on his cock and milks him. Teasing and denying him orgasm, She explains he will be going soon to the dungeon.

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Make A Wish

Make A Wish   slut punishment pleasure Mistress Summer Mistress Mimi kicking fucking
Oh the fun for Mistress Summer and Mistress Mimi to have a big balled slut to play with and indulge their pleasure at hurting male cock and balls. They waste no time and start fucking his cock with a metal rod. Mistress Summer starts and then lets Mistress Mimi play as She moves to tape a smelly high heel to his face so he can sniff the aftermath of their feet. They then take turns kicking his big swollen balls. He can do nothing as his legs are locked wide apart in the spreader bar. He has a big lock around his balls which causes him more discomfort when they kick him, much to their amusement. Mistress Summer unstraps the high heel from his face and taunts his cock and balls with the shoe as Mistress Mimi torques on his nipples from behind. They both light up cigarettes and all bets are off for his balls as they start to burn them. Pure female delight at inflicting punishment on a male’s nuts for the rest of the clip as his balls take serious punishment from the cigarettes. To add even more fun Mistress Summer sticks a candle in his cock hole and lights it. They light two more cigarettes off the burning candle in his cock and tease his balls some more.

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This Femdom scene contains:

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Humiliation as a great femdom turn on

Humiliation as a great femdom turn on   spanking punished pleasure mistresses humiliating femdom BDSM If you thought that femdom bitches dominate and mistreat males only, here’s a hot BDSM gallery in full HD quality showing you how wrong you are. This drop dead cute college teen has found herself in the hands of experienced femdom mistresses, Goddess No and Princess Mya, with no mercy at all, even the smallest mistake the girl makes is thoroughly punished by various means, sometimes she has to lick her mistresses feet clean, sometimes she has to bend over and take spanking that makes her ass all red, sometimes she gets tied up, spread wide open so humiliating pictures of her can be taken. The best thing is, there’s no way out, the chained leash her mistresses put on her prevents her from running away, and by the time she has to go home she will be sufficiently trained and scared of her mistresses that she will not even think about disobeying her. Check in in a few weeks, I’m sure by that time she will be a perfect obedient sex doll with only thing on her mind being pleasure for her mistress.

Two femdom bitches get mad with each other

Two femdom bitches get mad with each other   pain mistresses mistress femdom bitches femdom bitches BDSM There’s a good reason why femdom mistresses rarely work together – while one mistress and her boy and girl toys are a great sight to be seen, two mistresses are always aggressive and try to outdo one another. This hot gallery is peak of the argument between two experienced BDSM babes, they have been annoyed by each other for a while now, and while they would like nothing more than to teach each other a lesson in pain, the code of femdom babes prevents them from having a punch out. That code says nothing about a shout and insult-out, and now they sit across each other, flinging insults at one another, from accusations of stealing men from one another to insults like “fatty”. This is not the type of BDSM content that you’re used to, there’s no nudity here, just two girls trying to verbally dominate one another, and they’re doing a great job of it, but each of them has lots of experience and is not falling behind with insults and provocations. You can leave a comment below as a member to state your opinion on which girl won this confrontation.

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