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Interrogated by a hooker

Kid dynamite is so happy that he won big in Vegas and he hires an expensive girl to come to his hotel suite. He can’t help running his big mouth and not only tell her about his winnings but also where they are, the only thing he needs is the code for the safe. Next thing he knows he was drugged and wakes up naked and handcuffed in a bathtub. She proceeds to dunk him over and over again and hold him under water for a long time with her hand and under her foot. Can he resist her torture or will he be forced to give up the code?

Interrogated by a hooker   under foot torture handcuffed

This Femdom scene contains:

  • hitwoman nude
  • femdom dunking
  • handcuff femdom captions
  • lesbian domination dunking

Cherokee, ben

Cherokee, ben   slaves pussy punished pleasure fuck toy cum breasts bound

Cherokee, ben

Sex Appeal, that is what Cherokee oozes and she knows it! Nice firm breasts, stunning face and an ass that could hypnotize. She likes to keep her slaves bound; cbt is a great pleasure of hers, so is ordering her subordinate to make her cum. He can smell her pussy but he can’t taste it, he can struggle in his binds but he can’t escape…and why would he want to anyway? He is Mistress Cherokee’s fuck toy, punished for her enjoyment, tied up for her pleasure and fucked in the mouth and ass to make her happy.

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