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Penney Play, Nika Noire

Penney Play, Nika Noire   worships ass training strapon slut pussy paddling orgasms Nika Noire forced orgasm

Penney Play, Nika Noire

Penney Play proves she can take it all with a fierce Nika pushing her all the way. Cruel bastinado and harsh wooden paddling barely have super-tough Penney flinching, but what does make her weak at the knees are the orgasms. From a deep samurai fucking to strapon lesbian sex Penney learns she is a slut that has no control over her pussy. She hungrily worships Nika’s ass and suffers through some exercise training while chained to the floor.

She has the best and most cream filled I might add, orgasms I have seen so far :)

— forced orgasm fan

This Femdom scene contains:

  • tumblr femdom OTK
  • femdom paddle
  • mouthsoaping strapon
  • disciplinarian femdom tube

Penny Flame, Les Moore

Penny Flame, Les Moore   training strapon fucking strapon cock spanking slave Les Moore fucking face sits bondage bitch boy

Penny Flame, Les Moore

Being tardy for your first training session is never a good sign. No surprise that Penny Flame is angry at this lack of respect, and she’ll let les moore know it, and feel it. She dishes it out to her new slave, and les takes it pretty well at first until it’s time for him to satisfy Penny’s hungry pussy with his oral skills. These are found lacking. So Penny ties her bitch boy down with some tight bondage, dons her large strapon cock, and proceeds to fuck her slave with distinct ferocity. Nothing could please her more. She instructs les not to cum. He’s to work hard for it, and to have his cock milked. les almost comes from the strapon fucking, so Penny jerks the cock out of his butt and gives him a sound spanking. She face-sits him after tying him down on his back, then fucks his hard cock before finally milking les.

tickling and fucking it’s beautiful,please, please please gve us more!!!

— ticklish

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn, Berlin   tight asshole spanks slave pussy pain slut lesbian domination fuckdoll Cherry Torn Berlin BDSM ass licker

Cherry Torn, Berlin

Cherry Torn becomes Mz. Berlin’s latest sex slave in her search for the best pussy and ass licker in BDSM today. Cherry’s tits are tied tight and she tries to hide some bruises she has with a slutty red skirt. When questioned, Cherry admits to receiving 22 birthday spankings from 3 different friends. Berlin reacts by giving her 66 spanks and cane hits before fucking her ass deep. Cherry worships Berlin’s boots before earning her wet pussy and tight asshole. Many forced orgasms are taken from Cherry as she swaps between sex gimp, pain slut and fuckdoll in this lesbian domination scene.

Well, better dive into rough waters naked of metaphors. Good shoot but no mind blower on the road. No real chemistry between the girls, not because of lack of game cleverness, but of link of personal empathy. I’m partial. For I feel empathy with Berlin, and I remember if this shoot is n° 342, her superb shoot with Daisy Strong is n° 346 at the Factory. So, I will bind myself to say I’m in empathy with this new turn into Mz_Berlin’s domming – the natural way to play the dome which is for me her greatest upcoming in recent times. But I’m afraid to recognize I am unable to feel empathy with Cherry, at least Cherry-342. This rather tough girl seems to me stranger to the scene, through defensive and smiling mood, so she suffers (an enjoys) but is not INTO it very much. The two personalities do not match closely. I have said my truth : you can cut me into pieces.

— regisjean

Evil femdom party

Evil femdom party   victim stiletto heel boots mistresses femdom party

With long beautiful legs, bare chests and knee-high stiletto heel boots like these, the Mistresses can really do anything they please. You would silently obey like the dirty subservient boy you are, right? Being this guy right now looks tough, but what wouldn’t you give to be handled by these goddesses, really. They kick their victim around and ride it like a pony – hell yeah!

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This Femdom scene contains:

  • evil femdom
  • femdom boots
  • femdom party

Femdom music lesson

Femdom music lesson   victim femdom dominatrix

Marina is all beauty and class. A high society Dominatrix at her finest, she will do the dirtiest things with this cold emotionless mask on her perfectly beautiful face. The ultimate fantasy of any male who was taught piano as a kid, this session features Marina giving the appendage of her (un)lucky victim a real hard time with the piano’s keybord cover which she slams right on the poor thing…

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Slave in cage

Slave in cage   trampled tortured stiletto heels slave domme

Megan is dark and delicious in her shiny stiletto heels and black outfit. In this session, she teams up with her fellow Domme to have their way with their caged, masked plaything. Their feet in the high heeled shoes look so beautiful he cannot get enough of them, that dirty beast! Trampled and tortured with cigarette butts, he finally gets a break a break to feed.

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Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Lefty

Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Lefty   strapon cock snatch slave pain mistresses Madison Young flogger dominatrixes cruel bitches

Audrey Leigh, Madison Young and Lefty

lefty has endured a lot of pain and suffering at the hands of our Dominatrixes. But always only one at a time. This time he’s ordered to satisfy 2 of our cruel bitches. Can he do it? That remains to be seen, but more to the point, he’s an obedient slave, so he’ll do his best. A face strapon harness is strapped to his head and Madison forces him to face-fuck Audrey’s wet snatch as Madison delivers some fierce blows to lefty’s back with a flogger. Now it’s Audrey’s turn to wear the strapon, and that’s not good news for lefty. He’s tied down in doggy and takes Audrey’s large strapon cock deep in his ass. Audrey orders the slave to lick her feet while Madison, finally satisfied that lefty has a worthy cock, straddles him and hungrily pounds away at her cunt until she cums all over him. lefty has done well, so after much begging for his mistresses to let him cum, they both expertly milk him.

FINALLY! – Madison Young as a domme! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I joined CM just because of this clip. Madison, if you read this, please accept my compliments. No one is hotter than you, in my opinion!

— garrity46

Sissy’s nasty audition

Sissys nasty audition   sissy luscious lady

When the guy saw his future boss, a young, incredibly luscious lady, he immediately got the idea it will be all fun and games. Well, it wasn’t. When her assistant brought in some leather gear, he made a saucy remark – and that was the end of his safety. Undressed and urged to wear womens underwear, the guy totally lost control of the situation. He was to serve and worship his way out of this!

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Beautiful and dangerous

Beautiful and dangerous   servant patterned pantyhose mistress black high heels

She looks gorgeous in her patterned pantyhose and black high heels against the background of an unfinished room, but her victim has no time for aesthetics. Young and playful, the Mistress gives her servant a deliciously hard time pushing her dusty soles into his mouth, using his mouth as an ashtray and finally getting herself off grinding her heavenly crotch against his masked face. He should be happy the Mistress did all this to him, and he most likely is!

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