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Christina Carter

Christina Carter   orgasm g spot forced to cum flogging cum bondage sex ass worship

Christina Carter

Christina Carter is dragged into our boiler room for some rough and dirty bondage sex, hard flogging and ass worship. With her tits tied tight, nasty weights are hung from her labia and she begs to be forced to cum. G-spot orgasm after g-spot orgasm are ripped from her cunt as she proclaims that no one has ever done that to her before. Addicted to Chanta’s magic fingers it becomes clear Christina will do just about anything to have her g-spot massaged again so we put her mouth to work, first on Chanta’s ass and then on her cock.

a sub in stockings! very good shoot thanx

— ac

Mia Smiles

Mia Smiles   orgasms Mia Smiles dominant Chanta Rose bondage

Mia Smiles

Mia Smiles has lived as a 24-7 slave for a year so she knows how to follow instructions and show respect to a Dominant…in the “traditional” manner, but Chanta Rose is anything but traditional and upon hearing that for an entire year Mia was not granted orgasm or placed in “real” bondage it is time for a new education. One where Mia will beg for the orgasms to stop, one where the rope and harsh metal restraints don’t allow for any chance of escape and one where she is rewarded with a nice hard cock at the end of a scene.

more tit torture

— perv


ArielX   licking ass lezdom fuck flogging Chanta Rose brutal bondage anal


The chemistry in this lezdom update is electric…literally. Locked in a cage with her tits and ass being remotely shocked by noise activated stims Ariel X squirms and tries to push herself onto the vibrator. The louder she cums the nastier the electro. Later, Chanta Rose takes her on a bondage walk where her mouth is put to good use licking ass and begging for mercy but what really gets Ariel is the hard anal doggy position fuck and the brutal cat-o-nine tails flogging that accompanies it. Her ass is beaten raw and cruel weights hang from her nipples yet Ariel X is all smiles hoping to do it all again very soon.

Awesome shoot…Ariel X is very sexy and hot. She is so tough and can take so much from Chanta and is just all-around incredible. I loved the cat-of-nine tails….what an awesome implement and it certainly left its mark. Ariel X, I hope Chanta does book you again for the cattle prod, as well as other fun stuff. So glad you are one of Chanta’s bitches.

— staceyp

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