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Anastasia Pierce

Anastasia Pierce   torture suspension bondage spitting fucking face slapping electro play

Anastasia Pierce

Famous bondage and fetish model Anastasia Pierce agrees to submit to Chanta after 4 years of planning and damn, she was worth the wait. Foot worship, foot fucking, suspension bondage, a deep-throat blow job while in a reverse prayer, rough strap-on sex, face slapping, spitting, fingering, electro-play…the list goes on and on. Anastasia loves it all and cums uncontrollably with each new activity. Insatiable, swiss and sexy, that’s Anastasia Pierce.

Nice to see Anastasia there ;) And I dodnt know that she comes from Switzerland !!! Nice tit torture !!!!!

— perv

Adrianna Nicole

Adrianna Nicole   training suspension strapado orgasm hogtied cunt breast bondage bondage

Adrianna Nicole

Adrianna Nicole will try just about anything to do with bondage and usually loves it all. A strict strapado with tight breast bondage is only the beginning of her training. She is also expected to lick ass while hogtied, be electrified while clamped, gagged and spread and lastly be fucked hard while suspended. Not to mention the orgasm after orgasm we rip from her willing cunt…yes, Adrianna loves it all, and we love her just the way we have her…all tied up.

Of course, anything with Chanta and Adrianna has to be great. My question, Chanta, did you take advantage of the suspension points at Adrianna’s place that night?I like being able to add comments directly to the shoot….very cool!!!!!

— staceyp

Bobbi Starr, Audrey Leigh

Bobbi Starr, Audrey Leigh   spanking slut pussy flogging Bobbi Starr Audrey Leigh

Bobbi Starr, Audrey Leigh

Audrey is a bitchy personal trainer. Her “client” is the lazy but gorgeous Bobbi Starr. Sometimes there’s only one way to really train a slut. Audrey ties Bobbi in various positions to the workout bench and makes her exercise with electro pads on her stomach, a vibrator pressed to her clit and hard nipple suction on her tits. Flipped over, it’s time for that ass to be worked out with hard spanking, flogging and fingering before Audrey gets her cock and roughly fucks Bobbi’s dripping wet pussy.

i miss the tickling on this site

— joe852

Devon Lee

Devon Lee   forced to cum cum bound bondage

Devon Lee

Devon Lee has been tied up before, she’s even been fucked in bondage but due to a bad past experience she’s now very hesitant to try it again. So why is she here? Devon thinks that being bound, used as a fuckdoll and forced to cum by a woman will be different, and may just be what she needs to get back into bondage.

«Doctor Chanta, I presume? It’s me, DevonLee, the poor lonesome cowgirl who was badly roped in rodeo by cowboys… Help me, please! They were such nasty guys with me!» – «Do come in my therapy office’s red & black room, sweet girl, I promise I will cure you, you have only to trust me». This strong country girl is a very little scared thing into mind. With cute mouth and nose, she is so pure and innocent, however not a little girl. Chanta spanks and flogs her a bit, and has her come with vibrator and some strap on. This girl sucks – the big toe (lol)! I like these soft shoots, when it’s needed, and here it’s the case. Chanta succeeded to bring into light the personality of DevonLee, very easily, and her face turned from sadness at start to smile in the end. This girl may be a perfect wife for a man, being able to trust the partner who can and will protect her. Fragile but faithfull. I love this kind of tender girls. Beautiful fountain of hair of Chanta here and there in the shoot. This bonus update (because too soft) deserves to be a shoot in itself.

— regisjean

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Evangeline   orgasms forced orgasms flogging electro play bound anal


Evangeline is tall, sexy, never been tied and has one twisted sense of humor…oh, and she likes to talk, it’s how she naturally responds when nervous, and Chanta makes here VERY nervous. OTK Spanking, forced orgasms, anal electro-play, flogging and rough strap-on sex while bound all included.

Nice chest harness in the japanese style.

— shibariboy

Nadia Styles

Nadia Styles   sucking slut pussy orgasms orgasm licking ass licking fuck

Nadia Styles

A self admitted ball gag lover and anal slut, Nadia Styles is given exactly what she desires. Tight rope, electro shock orgasms in the pussy and ass, hard orgasm after hard orgasm and a nice big cock to suck, fuck and devour. And yes, we keep Nadia gagged throughout…when she’s not gagged she’s either sucking cock or licking ass while bound.

very hot I loved the ass licking and the begging for a ass fuck very hot keep up the good work.

— cruelt

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