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Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane   suspension slapping orgasms licking fucking forced orgasms face slapping

Kimberly Kane

Kimberly Kane may have been tied up before but she’s never been Dominated like this…and the chemistry is hot. The ass licking scene itself is worth the price of admission but put that with the strap-on fucking, hard rope bondage, foot worship, face slapping, flogging and too many forced orgasms to count and you’ll be as exhausted as Kimberly was by the end of it all.

One of my girlfriends once said to me : «Coming, for me, is like a deeper yawning» (cold girl!). Here, we might say about Kimberly : «a deeper laughing» (lol). She is the “happy hysteric», and, being fresh meat to CB, it was very funny to see her giggling anywhere, in a very noisy way : «Ah?-huuuu! Ah?-huuuu!» ; very shy and noisy to pains too, so Chanta choosed to t*rt*re her making her come and come and come. Where is my calculator, again? Ah! here! Well, 2 orgasms + 1/2 first, then 3, then 2 and 3 finally = 10 1/2! Not the record on the site, but close to it. What a fun! Very good scene when Chanta rides Kimberly, the two auto-vibrating with the same tool and coming together (ah! the lioness roaring of Chanta coming… – twice, in fact). Beautiful horizontal suspension in the end and fucking in situ. Ah! this girl learned something after all : she stops laughing finally (pfuiii!). A shoot on the side of comedy, very realistic at start. Only one regret for my part : it was fine stuff for tickling (I would like to have her d*e of laughter through unending tickling in my boiler room).

— regisjean

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