Divine Bitches - Cruel corporal punishment for submissive slutboys: Ball busting, trampling, and strap-on fucking

One of them

One of them   trampling trample control humiliation foot fetish facesitting face trample dominant girl She is a new girl in our world. We produce dominant girls, we turn ordinary girls in the ladies hungry for male humiliation. That’s life. And the same situation in real world. How to put down your boss, how to humiliate your boyfriend and how to be the queen. Meg is one of them. She learns all that after one shooting. And she is ready to enjoys in her life. She tramples his pride and tortures him. She wants to choke him under her ass and enjoys in that.
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Saucy games

Saucy games   trampling female domination faceslapping facesitting The games that we played can be grumpy, dirty and saucy. We love them and we introduce you, with pleasure, Teodora, Sonny and Maddy in great actions that will blow your mind and raise your ramp. This is real and unbelievable fight between Maddy and a guy. She does everything to sits on his face, uses all her strength and weight to kills him. He gasps for air. Maddy is in incredible mood. Scissorhold fight. The girls do the best to choke this guy between their thighs. They step and trample him, walk over him… Like Maddy’s fight, Sonny do the same thing with the guy. He fights for his life, to take a breath, but the girl is merciless. Real fight, real slaps and real action. Don’t miss this one.
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Cheeky stud gets dominated

Gorgeous and lustful Lisa has been always known as a strict lady, and here we have another proof of this. Fascinating mistress invites her ill-behaved slave to teach him a good lesson of anal sex. Lisa’s enormous strapon looks to huge for the fella’s tight anal hole, but be sure this dominatrix will push it really deep inside guy’s asshole.

Cheeky stud gets dominated   tight anal hole strapon mistress dominatrix anal sex

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Pissing on slave’s face

Mistress Eva is very strict towards her slave, which is why he always obeys her orders flawlessly. Licking the domme’s boots clean and eating her holes out are his daily duties that he has to take proper care of. Otherwise, he will get punished. Slapping him on the cheeks, spitting into his mouth and even making him drink urine and lick it off the floor… Mistress does it all without any remorse!

Pissing on slaves face   spitting slave pissing mistress drink urine domme boots licking

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Heavenly behind getting worshiped

The sub featured in this femdom video just won’t stop bringing his Mistress down, apparently. All that he had to do was clean her boots and… Guess what? He failed again! Unable to bear with his lazy ass anymore, the domme gives him a good slapping with still dirty boots, then puts him on a leash and starts the merciless doggy training. This nasty pup will end up drinking her pee!

Heavenly behind getting worshiped   slapping pee drinking mistress femdom video domme

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Mistress breeds her slaves

She likes pulling her slaves’ hair, blindfolding them, tying them, spanking them and making them feel helpless. The cool Mistress Iolanda knows that it is the best way to make any creature show submission. Then she makes the humiliation unbearable by ordering her slaves to lick her boots and pose for her dirty femdom porn pics. One more lesson and the freaks enjoy pain and humiliation and ask for more!

Mistress breeds her slaves   submission spanking slaves pain mistress lick boots humiliation hair pulling femdom porn blindfolding

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Slave in double trouble

A chest is where this slave belongs. His dommes only let him out when they need something to be done around the house – or in their bedroom. Tonight he’s got a pussy licking project on his to-do list and he will sure complete it. But what’s with the foot worshipping that follows? He’s too slow to lick boots clean again and he’ll get punished for it! Done, boy? Now get the fuck back into your chest!

Slave in double trouble   slave pussy licking foot worshipping dommes

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Cowboy riding mistress’s strapon

Beautiful babe Lisa loves playing sex games with males, and today the hottie is going to bang another admirer of her amazingly looking body. This brawny fella says he’s ready for everything to be with her. The only way to stay with Lisa is to try her immeasurable strapon, and right now our lustful hottie is going to start drilling slave’s ass with a huge toy.

Cowboy riding mistresss strapon   strapon slave mistress ass drilling

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Bored domme’s fucking toys

Merciless and arrogant Mistress Valery finds a couple of young teens, who are looking for a place to fuck and takes them to her den. Little do the silly fuckers know that they are in the hands of harsh femdom queen who will destroy their pride and will turn them into dirty sex slaves who will scream with pain and moan with pleasure at her command. Follow the freaks on the way of humiliation & submission.

Bored dommes fucking toys   young teens young couple teen couple submission sex slaves pleasure pain mistress humiliation femdom queen

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Hardcore show for Mistress

They are doomed to suffer every single second of humiliation and demonstrate endless submission because our experienced Mistress Megan does not show mercy and treats her sex slaves like trash. They will fuck and suffer whipping and slapping hoping for this ordeal to stop. They have no idea that their cool Mistress enjoys playing with her toys for hours. Watch the hottest femdom porn scenes right now!

Hardcore show for Mistress   whipping submission slapping sex slaves mistress humiliation hardcore femdom porn

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Divine Bitches