Lineup At The Pussy Licking Slave

Here we have Vanessa enjoying some pussy licking from the bound slave when her two friends Holly and Harmony come home. Now all the girls want in on the action! The slaves tongue may be exhausted but he must continue to orally serve as Holly now replaces Vanessa in getting her turn at some oral pleasure. ‘That’s a good boy’ she encourages him, adding the bite of the whip to emphasize the point. Harmony eventually replaces her and the slave resumes his work once again, keeping his owners sexually satiated. ‘Faster faster faster’ Harmony demands, making the slave really work for it. Eventually the girls are all satiated, and they simply walk away leaving the slave bound for later oral use. What can I say, this clip is ridiculously hot! Three gorgeous girls using their oral sex slave, it just doesn’t get any better.

Lineup At The Pussy Licking Slave   pussy licking oral sex slave oral pleasure bound slave

Holly Wellin

Holly Wellin   sluts slut pussy bound bondage

Holly Wellin

Holly Wellin is a bondage rigger’s dream. She can do it all, from strict elbow ties to a reverse prayer. She is also a horny little slut that loves cock and gives the nastiest, wettest, dirtiest blow job we have ever seen. Her mouth, pussy and ass were built for sex and the rest of her was designed to be bound. Perfection in a human package, that’s the best way to describe Holly.

what a cocksucker…sub of the year…luv english sluts…natural beauty…excellent work by both holly & chanta…bravo..

— russjob

Oral Pleasure For Her

Dawn is watching a do it yourself show on tv, but she decides she doesn’t want to do it herself. Instead she calls her bitch over to do the work, to lick her pussy until she climaxes. The slave gets to work as Dawns whip guides him. ‘Suck on it harder’ she commands and the slave does his best. ‘Harder!’ she says and whips the slave to make sure he obeys. Dawn just lies back and enjoys herself, whipping the poor slave as he does his best to please her. ‘Did I say you could get off that pussy?’ she yells and whips the slave hard when he dares to slow down. When she’s finally satisfied she kicks the slave away and says ‘Go away, I don’t need you anymore’. The slave goes back to his chores and Dawn resumes comfortably watching tv.

Oral Pleasure For Her   whipping slave oral pleasure lick pussy

Painful Sex

Wow this clip is hot! Taylor has made significant progress in learning to dominate men. Now she desires sex, and the slave will provide it. ‘Don’t you cum, this is for me not for you’ she says, setting the tone for whats to come. She mounts the slave who is bound to the table for just such a purpose, and she begins to enjoy being penetrated at her pace. Her fingernails begin to mercilessly claw at the slaves chest as the fucking continues, leaving marks all over the slave. ‘Are you here to pleasure me?’ she reminds him, and she continues to enjoy herself while still scarring the slaves chest with her fingernails. As cruel as Taylor is, she briefly pauses to kiss the now very scarred slave, then resumes the torture and fucking. After much sex, the slave begs ‘Mistress I have to cum…please?’. Taylor acts so sweet to him, saying ‘You wanna cum? Think you deserve to cum?’. The slave thinks so and begs her for an orgasm. Instead, Taylor rakes all her finger nails deeply into the slaves already heavily scarred chest and sternly says ‘No!’ She then casually gets up and says ‘This is not for you’ as she walks out. How can such a sweet girl have become so dominant in such a short period of time? This is some great female dominated sex!

Painful Sex   slave pleasure femdom sex female dominated dominant

The ass fuck bitch

Today I want to show my slave how he can widen the asshole of the other slave! Of course he will get some oil and has to use a finger first. The finger has to be put into the ass of the other slave! Then I couldn’t resist and had to test it for myself! The slave tries to resist and avoid the assfucking but that’s no problem… I take my whip while the other slave already uses a condom. Now he enters the ass of my slave. His hard cock digs deep into the asshole of the other slave. The slave is fucked very hard! I make fun of my sissy and laugh loud and also use my whip to hit them both until the dick cums into his ass – this was so humiliating for the two slaves!

The ass fuck bitch   slave sissy humiliating ass fuck

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Pissed at the chaste slave

You can’t be chaste on your own, loser…? Then watch this femdom clip and find out what I’ll do with disobedient slaves like you! We take the submissive chaste slave being right out of the dungeon and fix him at the stretching bank. Alektra gracefully climbs onto the bank and sits down with her nice booty right at the face of the slave. Of course this easily makes the slave horny in no time… but this is just the beginning! I also climb at the bank, put down my thong and pee right at the slave… and so much more…!

Pissed at the chaste slave   submissive slave peeing

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Pervert milker

First the tied up slave was hit with the whip again and again and I had lot of fun punishing him as hard as I can! It’s always so much fun to humiliate a stupid slave! But then I wanted to further increase his torture – and reward him likewise! So we went to the treatment room. There the submissive worm had to lay down on the gym treatment chair so I can give him a very nice massage… At the end he had to swallow his own sperm! That’s the way I like it!

Pervert milker   swallow sperm submissive humiliation

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Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh   pain orgasms forced orgasms foot worship bound Audrey Leigh

Mei Kasahara, Audrey Leigh

Mei has never, ever been tied up, and she’s certainly never done porn…so why is she here? Because like so many “girl’s next door” she has fantasies, she has desires…and they involve being bound, controlled, punished and fucked. Audrey expertly introduces Mei to pain, forced orgasms, foot worship and more. This is part 1, Chanta will continue the education in Part 2.

Yeah really cute Mei!

— Smisko

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